Easy Steps... Be Your Own DJ!

May 13, 2016

How to use Spotify to create a professional party playlist.


Follow the 12 simple steps below to become the DJ at your party. It’s so easy! - and the music mixes itself!




What is Spotify?


If you haven’t heard of Spotify before, hold on, as your world is about to change. Spotify is a online service that allows anyone to play music wherever and whenever they like. All you need is the App. No CD’s. 


With a list of over 30,000,000 songs thats increasing daily, Spotify has 98% of all released music. Imagine all your favourite songs ever! - all in one place and available now. Thats Spotify. 


Spotify has two types of accounts. A free membership and Spotify premium membership bill monthly at £9.99. If you want to use Spotify to play music at your party, you’ll need the premium account, as this membership removes all the advertisements between your songs.


  • High Quality Audio

  • Hold over 30,000,000 songs in your pocket!

  • Pre-made playlist.

  • Top 40 charts worldwide.

  • Quick and very easy connectivity between devices.

  • Family accounts available at £4.99 per person.


Step 1 - Sign up to Spotify


Click the link below and sign up for a premium membership. You’ll receive the first 30 days for free! 


Spotify - Membership


Step 2 - Download Spotify


Spotify is available on Mac / PC and across IOS / Android devices. However for the use of creating a Party playlist I recommend downloading the software to your laptop. It’s just easier to use.


Step 3 - Create a new playlist


Time to start building your party playlist. Click “File” on the menu bar —> “Create New Playlist”. The new playlist will appear in the menu on the left hand side. Rename the playlist with a name that makes sense to you. I recommend something like…

  • Amy’s Birthday Party

  • Jo and Justin’s Wedding Music

  • 18th August Party

Step 4 - Organising Your Playlist


Take a quick moment to consider your event occasion. I.e If your creating a playlist for a 18th Birthday Party, your music choice is going to be dramatical different to a Wedding Breakfast. Upbeat chart music will suit the 18th Birthday Party but not the Wedding. The Wedding breakfast would be suited to a more chilled playlist with love songs and acoustic covers. 

When you have the right style of music is mind, add songs to the playlist by clicking and dragging them over to your new playlist on the left.


Its a good idea to include enough music to last the duration of your occasion. 


Some extra tips when searching for songs.


  • Click “Browse” on the top left menu. This will open a world or pre-made playlists that other Spotify members have made. A perfect way to get song inspiration. You can also find the latest “Chart” music here.

  • Use the “Search” bar at the top of the page and enter keywords like “Party Music”, “90’s Disco Music”, “Acoustic Covers”, whatever the mood / theme of your occasion is.

  • If you already have music on your computer, click on the tab that says “Local Files” on the left menu. Spotify automatically scans your computer for suitable files.


Step 5 - Invite Friends

Inviting friends to add to your playlist is a great way to save yourself time searching for music and a option for your friends to have input on the music that they want to hear. First right click on the playlist title and click “Collaborative Playlist”. Now your friends can add their song choices.


You can share the link with specific people over Spotify or by copying the URL (Right click on the playlist, and then copy the HTTP link) and paste it into a message or email.


Step 6 - Organise Your List 

The key to being a good DJ is timing. Most people don’t feel comfortable dancing within the first hour from arriving - so its common for parties to take a little while to get going. You need to build your play list to suit this progression, therefore it’s not a good idea to play the best songs or most upbeat music right at the start.  If your stuck on what to do follow the simple timeline below.


Start - 1.5 Hours… Older chart music that people recognise and can become familiar with. Don’t have the music turned up to loud as people prefer to talk at this stage.


1.5 Hours - 3.0 Hours… Introduce some of the Classic party songs to get the audience going. You can turn the music up slightly.


3.0 Hours - 5 Hours… This is the time to play your best music! Keep the beat and volume up and play a mix of recent songs with classic songs. People love songs that they can recognise, dance easy to, sign to and have a little bit of fun with. 


Step 7 - Switch to Offline Playlist

Do not miss this step. As you can not control the speed of your internet connection you should switch your playlist to be available “Offline”. This means that you can play any song from you playlist at any location without the need of the internet.


At the top right of your playlist you’ll find the “Offline Switch”. Switch this over until the bar has turned Green. Allow Spotify a couple of minutes to download your entire playlist. 




Step 8 - Add Crossfades 

Crossfade is a classic DJing technique that allows you to play the upcoming track without any gap in audio. The songs will fade into each other and create a danceable atmosphere. Go to Edit --> Preferences.

  • Scroll down to the Playback section.

  • Make sure that both Gapless Playback and Crossfade tracks is selected. Adjust the time so that it sounds right to you.

  • On Apple devices, this is accessed through “Settings,” or the gear icon in the lower right corner. From this menu you can access the Playback settings.


Step 9 - Feel The Rooms Energy.

If your playlist is about to go in a direction you’re not feeling, make adjustments. The job of a DJ is to enact the feelings and desires of the crowd. Watch how the crowd reacts to your selections and determine if one style of music works better than another.


Step 10 - Add Requests

If you decide to take requests, you can either add them to the playlist, or to the queue so that it plays as the next song. To add it to the queue, right click on the song and choose "Queue" from the drop-down menu that appears.


To view the queue, click on it in the left hand menu. "Play Queue" should appear in the top section directly under the inbox.


Step 11 - Using Spotify Party

Spotify has collaborated with established DJs and producers to give you a wide range of moods and party types. Spotify party has different settings to gauge the feeling of party through the “Mood Tuner.” You can start your night with “start it up,” gradually move into “hold it down,” and then drop the “set it off” mood when everyone’s on the dance floor.

  • You can even use Spotify party for the morning after and any other mood or situation you want to use.

  • Spotify party fades in between songs like a normal DJ would do.

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Easy Steps... Be Your Own DJ!

May 13, 2016

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