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On-Time, Fast and Reliable  

Add Delivery and Collection. 

+Plus an Optional SetUp Service

Not technically minded?
Don't own a big car?

Our Delivery, Collection and SetUp service is made for you. 

White Belt
Within 10 minutes drive
Only £55
 - Delivery and Collection
*Collectively 40 minute round trip.
Blue Belt
Within 30 minutes drive
Between £60 - £80
 - Delivery and Collection
*Collectivity 2 hour round trip
Green Belt
Within 45 minutes drive
Between £80 - £100
 -Delivery and Collection
*Collectivity 3 hour round trip
+Plus SetUp Service
Let our team SetUp all of your hired equipment and pack it down too.
Only £25
Regardless of your location
 - Complete SetUp all of your hired equipment *Excluding festoon Lights
- Full demonstration to show you how to use and control your sound system and lights
- Complete pack away of your hired equipment.
Collect From Us
It's Free
Bookings Only
Monday - Friday (On request)
Saturdays 09:30 - 11:00
Sundays 11:30 - 12:30
It's free to collect and return any of your hired equipment directly from us at SoundCo. A friendly member of our team will demonstrate how to use the equipment. Plus we are always contactable by phone if you have any questions.
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