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Dance All Night Long With All Your

Friends And Family

Our Wedding Dancefloor Sound Package

To have the most rememberable night of your life, you need the best songs, the timeless classic, with a great dancefloor sound system that's also an excellent listening experience with high-quality audio. 

A sound system that's perfect for every part of your day... first dance, reception entertainment or late music after your band has finished. Our 2.2 i-Music System is perfect for your day. 


Introducing Our 2.2 i-Music System

The Ultimate Wedding Dance Floor

Sound System

Designed for couples who want to enjoy their wedding night, dancing and having fun with all their guests. The 2.2 i-Music System is by far the most powerful speaker systems you'll need for your wedding. Suitable for any DJ, band or device-based playlist. With two 18-inch, 1400watt subwoofers and two 15-inch 1000watt speakers, it's the ultimate wedding sound system to immersive yourself in and enjoy your wedding entertainment

  • 2x 18inch Subwoofers to create a full Immersive Sound

  • 2x Loudspeakers for weddings up to 100 guests.

  • Suitable for a DJ, Band or own Playlist.

  • Place in any venue or marquee.


SRM450 - 2.2 i-Music

The Full Dancefloor Sound Package

SRM450 - 2.2 i-Music

2.2 i-Music Sound System  

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Long-range Digital Wireless Microphone

Connected for a DJ, Band or your Own Playlist

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On-Time, No Stress Delivery, Set up and Collection 

Wedding Evening Entertainment, Dancefloor Sound Package 


1). Our incredible 2.2 i-Music System for a fun and exciting dancefloor.  

2). Powerful subwoofers to fully enjoy the music.

3). Hand-held wireless microphone for any speeches and announcements.

4). Suitable for your DJ, Band or own playlist.

5). On-time and stressful free delivery.

6). Professionally set up and balanced by an audio engineer. 

7). 2 days hire period for ease of mind that everything is all set for your big day.

 Hire for Only £200.00

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Wedding Evening Entertainment Package
For Just £200.00
Please fill in the form below to check for availability 
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