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Terms and Conditions. 

We look forward to working with you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our Terms & Conditions before hiring from us. In doing so, you have enable us to give you the best customer service. 

1. Payment


- Payment for dry hired equipment must be made in full before the start of the hire period. Payment must be made via Cash, Bank Transfer or PayPal.

- Payment for equipment that requires delivery, set up and collection must be made 1 day before the hire period. Payment must be made via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

- Any Invoices received by Sound.Co need to be paid in full within 28 days of the invoice date. Late payment charges will incur daily, at 10% of the total amount charged. Payment will be accepted in Cash, PayPal or Bank Transfer.


2. Hire periods


- All hired equipment must be returned or made available for collection at the agreed address on or before the scheduled time. Items returned late will be fined the full daily hire value of that item. Daily charges will continue to occur at the same rate until the item/s have been returned.

- Sound.Co also holds the right to charge the customer the total of consequential losses attributable to its late return.


3. Deposits


- Up to 50% of the total price is required as a deposit to confirm any booking.

- All deposit(s) that are paid are non refundable, unless the hirer cancels their booking within 14 days prior to the hire period.


4. Identification


- Identification must be provided by the hirer at the point of collection. Only a Driving License, Passport or a recent bank statement will be accepted. 

- Sound.Co also holds the right to retain I.D information until the return of all equipment.

- Identification must also been shown by the hirer when equipment is delivered.


5. Ownership


-  All equipment remains the property of Sound. Co. Therefore a hirer cannot export, sell, lease, lend, sub-hire, modify in anyway or dispose of any equipment. Furthermore the location of all equipment must always be made known to us.

- International use outside of the U.K is not allowed unless agreed.


6. Insurance


- The hirer must have substantial insurance in place to cover the full cost of any loss or damage to the equipment whilst being transported.

- The hirer must have substantial insurance in place to cover the full cost of any loss or damage to the equipment whilst on site, or within private or commerial property.

- The hirer must have substantail public libaility insurance to cover themselves against a claim of personal injury or damage to property.

- If the customer does not have insurance, they must be personally willing to cover any financial or legal fee due to loss, damage or injury made whilst on hire.

- Sound. Co’s Business insurance will not cover items broken whilst on hire, unless extra payment is made under the insurance scheme.

- Sound. Co is not liable and will not insure the hirer against damage to property where the hirer has transported and set up the hired equipment.

- Sound. Co is not liable and will not insure the hirer against harm caused to a person where the hirer has transported and set up the hired equipment.


7 Cancelations


- Deposits become non-refundable after 14 days prior to the hire period.

- Refunds of any amount are not permitted if your event or circumstances change after the collecting the equipment.

- Refunds are not possible for those customers who have booked delivery, set up and collection, unless cancelations have been made 7 days prior to the hire.


8 Force majeure.


- Sound. Co is not be liable for any failure to supply a product or service where that failure is wholly caused by an event beyond our control, anticipate, forestall or prevent. This includes bad weather and power failure.


9 Condition of equipment


- All equipment is checked for safety and full working conditions before every hire. By collecting and signing delivery you agree that the equipment is  in full working condition.

- Any damage on equipment before hire must be noted by Sound.Co and the hirer before the hire period.

- Charges will be issued to the hirer if new damages occur whilst in their protection.


10. Use of equipment


- It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure equipment is suitable for the purpose intended, and is used safely and legally. Anyone appointed to operate  or supervise equipment must be competent to do so.

- Sound.Co holds the right not to hire equipment to those who seem unfit or unqualified to use the equipment.

- All equipment must be used within the manufacturer guidelines.

- Misused equipment entitles us to its immediate recovery without notice and may result in further action by us if it has been tampered with or  damaged. Any instruction to "turn down" or "turn off" given by any authority must be followed immediately. The hirer will be liable for any  consequential losses due as a result of failing to observe such instructions given by appointed authorities.


11. Service and repair


-The hirer should not attempt any services or repair work on newly damaged equipment or replaceable items inside, this excludes fuses. Fuse replacement  should be carried out by someone capable and must do so at their own will. Sound. Co can not accept any liability of damage or harm to the person whom is replacing the fuse.


12. Lost or damaged equipment


- The hirer is liable for the whole costs of replacement and any consequential losses, due as a result of damage, theft or loss that occurs during the  period of  hire. This includes that resulting from any third party's use of our equipment.

- Where hired equipment is returned as damaged / faulty or broken in any way, we reserve the right to charge the hirer up to 28 days after the date of hire to give time to eliminate whether it was due to malfunction of the equipment or misuse by the hirer.

- Lost equipment will be immediately charged to the hirer by invoice. Invoices have to be paid in full within 28 days of the invoice date.


13 Equipment failure.


- All equipment is maintained to a professional standard, therefore catastrophic failure is unusual. However, Sound.Co can not accept liability for any  direct or consequential losses arising from equipment failure which is beyond our control. Any major damages must be reported within 2 hours, other damages can be discussed when the equipment is returned to a member of Sound.Co.


14. Electricity supply


- The hirer has the responsibility to tell us if the equipment is being powered by generated power.

- Sound. Co holds the right to stop hire if we do not wish the equipment to be used with generated power.

- Please follow all power ratings written within the equipments manual. Please ask for a manual if you are unsure.


- PLEASE NOTE: When making payment you are agreeing and entering into this contract, you also agree to comply with all of our terms and conditions of hire. We do not require your signature, however you may be asked to sign a copy of the terms and conditions or a list of hired equipment.. We must protect your privacy, therefore we will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998) We collect information about you to provide you with the best possible information and service.

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